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Our Story and Our Mission

About the Human and Nature Youth Club

Human and Nature Youth Club (HNYC) is focused on providing educational and fun programs for youth, with an emphasis on developing their naturalistic intelligence and social responsibility. We are focused on empowering the next generation of leaders to develop a  life-long drive for environmental activism.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to inspire the next generation to interact responsibly with the environment by providing nature-focused curriculum, outdoor field trips, and competitions to students in the Lower Mainland.

We are committed to the vision of growing the next generation, with a focus on empowering leaders to make decisions that best fit the community and environment around them.

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Our Team

Our team consists of enthusiastic educators and university students who are passionate about nature and developing leadership.



Justin Mosca

Justin graduated from the University of British Columbia and is passionate about being a part of purpose-led organizations and promoting sustainability in our communities. He is Youth Organizer of the Climate Change Conference and Team Lead of the research team.

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Climate Change Conference

Vancouver Team


Eric Li

Eric is a 11th Grade student at West Point Grey Academy. He has always been passionate about environmental sustainability, and is a firm believer in instilling a similar sense of interest and urgency to act within the younger generation. 

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Daniel Chen

Daniel is a student at University Hill Secondary School. He is an active member in his community and is eager to work with youth to promote environmental awareness and actions.

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Steven Liu

Steven is a student at University Hill Secondary School. He is enthusiastic about contributing to the sustainable development of communities and calling more youth together to seek solutions for environmental issues.

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Yik Khai

Yik Khai is a current undergraduate student, studying International Economics at the University of British Columbia. He is passionate about geopolitics, macroeconomic research and sustainable entrepreneurship. 

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Tyson Quan

Currently a grade 12 Principal’s List student at Lord Byng secondary school. I have a great passion on pursuing for sustainable business.

Public Relations Team

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John is an IB student at Upper Canada College. He is the founder of the UCC Climate Change Awareness Club and is an aspiring student in the field of AI and entrepreneurship. He co-founded a company with his peers and is passionate about math, technology and sports. 

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Research Team



Abby is currently a graduate student studying Master of Science in Sustainability Management at University of Toronto. She is passionately working towards tackling sustainability issues through community advocacy and corporate social responsibility.

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Ryan is currently an undergrad student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Interpersonal Development at the University of British Columbia. He is interested in finding the interdependence between people and nature.

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Aneesa is completing a specialist degree in psychology at the University of Toronto Scarborough and is passionate about environmental studies. She is excited a part of a research team and contributing to the field. 



Hanqi is an undergraduate student specializing in Statistics (Method and Practice) at the University of Toronto. She is interested in research and probing into the facts about the world using a new vision. With a psychological focus, how human brains understand the natural world and how different educational methods may affect the learning processes are interesting topics to solve from her perspective. 

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2022 Camp Counsellors

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We acknowledge differences, listen, value and appreciate others and our surrounding environment.

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We make thoughtful choices to be caring, considerate and helpful to each other, our community and the planet.

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We lead by example, holding ourselves accountable for our actions and understanding the impact we create beyond ourselves.

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We embrace a mindset of continuous learning and strive to build educational opportunities that foster growth.

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We are passionate about working together to achieve greater positive impacts for our students, staff, community and environment.