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LCOY Canada

(Ages 15-35)


Local Conference Of Youth Canada 

Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) is an event under the YOUNGO umbrella that works to educate, build knowledge and understanding among a nation's youth on climate change, sustainable development, and the United Nations system. LCOY empowers the youth to participate in these processes by developing positions of youth on issues related to climate change that are relevant in the respective country or region. Those positions are fed into COY as a part of the YOUNGO inputs to the annual COP and serve as a basis to spread the perspectives and ideas of youth around the globe. (LCOY Canada, 2022)

Each year any group of youth can come together to apply to host an LCOY in their country from YOUNGO, the official youth constituency of the UNFCCC. The Human and Nature Youth Club and the Asia Forest Research Center at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Forestry came together to host the 2nd LCOY in Canada 2022. Together we are continuing this mission into the foreseeable future as a year-round initiative to ensure Canadian youth voices are heard at each year's United Nations Climate Change Conference (more commonly known as COP) through the publication of a Output Policy Document and broadcasting these important youth policy demands domestically throughout the year.


LCOY Canada is a conference for youth ages 15-35 to participate in keynote speeches, workshops, presentations, and panel discussions surrounding the themes of each year. By attending the conference youth will be able to voice the future you want to live in and it will be shared directly with the United Nations. We are inviting all youth (ages 15-35) and youth entities to come to LCOY Canada to listen, learn, and have a voice in their future.

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LCOY Canada 2024

Human and Nature Youth Club is organizing a united youth coalition to hold a hybrid climate change conference in 2024. The goal is to continue to build a strong network of Canadian youth committed to making a change through the YOUNGO LCOY Framework.

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