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NatureX Clubs

Start a NatureX Club in your high school school or local area!

NatureX clubs give people the tools they need to grow their naturalistic intelligence and become sustainability leaders. NatureX provides you with the opportunity to get real-world leadership experience while assisting others in developing in both their professional and personal life while working to preserve the planet and fight climate change in your community.

NatureX Clubs operates under a school-club model where there are club officers who are responsible for running the club and supporting the members who join the club to take part in the program. To start a club you need 5 interested members (with a minimum of 3 being the club officers). Interested members don't have to be from the same school, but if they are, they can make NatureX an official school club at their high school.


The NatureX program is a 1 year commitment with monthly meetings and follows an educational plan that combines indoor and outdoor learning. 

Human and Nature Youth Club supports the clubs in organizing, running their club, following the educational plan, and providing mentorship to the club officers and members.

Requirements to start a club:

5 interested members (at least 3 becoming club officers)

Members must live close to one another

Email us to get approval and set-up documents

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Interested in joining Human and Nature Youth Club's NatureX Clubs? - email us!

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