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Projects conducted by the research team at Human & Nature Youth Club

Team Description

Research is conducted at Human and Nature Youth club by a university peer-led team with students and alumni from the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto. The team explores topics in environmental and sustainability education, naturalistic intelligence, and intervention-based behavioural change. The team's goal is to consolidate existing research and contribute to the field.


Enriching Children’s Naturalistic Intelligence with Nature-Based Education

Blog Posts

Research Team



Abby is currently a graduate student studying Master of Science in Sustainability Management at University of Toronto. She is passionately working towards tackling sustainability issues through community advocacy and corporate social responsibility.

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Aneesa is completing a specialist degree in psychology at the University of Toronto Scarborough and is passionate about environmental studies. She is excited a part of a research team and contributing to the field. 

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Ryan is currently an undergrad student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Interpersonal Development at the University of British Columbia. He is interested in finding the interdependence between people and nature.

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Justin Lucas Mosca

Justin graduated from the University of British Columbia and is passionate about being a part of purpose-led organizations and promoting sustainability in our communities. He is Youth Organizer of the Climate Change Conference and Team Lead of the research team.

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Hanqi is an undergraduate student specializing in Statistics (Method and Practice) at the University of Toronto. She is interested in research and probing into the facts about the world using a new vision. With a psychological focus, how human brains understand the natural world and how different educational methods may affect the learning processes are interesting topics to solve from her perspective. 



Since 2015, Arindam has accomplished achievements across 25 engineering & research projects. He is a budding researcher with a knack for providing simple technical solutions for aerospace and environmental research. He has published research in 3 peer-reviewed journals and garnered industry experience pertaining to the utilization of various infrastructure, data design & decision models.

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