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Growing Glaciers summer camp teaches basic knowledge and comprehension of the components of nature and encourages respectful relationships with nature through contact, observation, and exploration activities.

A program for intermediate learners aimed at developing naturalistic intelligence and building teamwork skills. The program pairs nature-focused curriculum with hands-on, group outdoor activities. Students will expand their knowledge and comprehension of plants, animals, abiotic factors, ecosystems and sustainability. Through individual and group activities, students will continue to interact, observe, explore and classify their environment, as well as apply and analyze their learnings to physical settings.

Program Rundown:

  • Online class lessons covering five pillar topics: plants, animals, abiotic factors, ecosystems and sustainability 

  • Interactive outdoor individual/group activities paired with each lesson that encourage observation and exploration, as well as identification and understanding of plants and animals native to BC

  • Outdoor projects that will challenge students to apply their knowledge to a physical setting

  • Outdoor adventure field trips to outdoor Metro Vancouver locations aimed to bring interest to nature-based hobbies

  • Focus on building responsibility, respect and teamwork skills 

This program has closed. See open programs

Program Material

Day in the life at Growing Glaciers Camp

Register for our 2022 Summer Camps!

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