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Social Responsibility

Developing Naturalistic Intelligence + Social Responsibility 


We believe teaching social responsibility to youth is vital because as the next generation, they will take on a plethora of future roles including company leaders, policy makers, parents and teachers, who, in both big and small ways, will impact society. By teaching youth to empathize, understand and make decisions that consider the needs of others and the environment, we hope that our communities and society can continue to progress positively. We believe that the kindness, respect and integrity practiced by one child can create a positive ripple effect amongst a larger and growing group of individuals. 

We believe socially responsible leaders hold the following characteristics: activism, responsibility, respect, integrity, teamwork, leadership, empowerment, intelligence, passion and perseverance. Our curriculum is designed to present targeted opportunities for our students to grow each of these skills, depending on their experience and maturity. 



As climate change continues to be a pressing issue and people are increasingly detaching from nature, we believe it’s important for the next generation of youth to stay grounded and connected to the natural world.


Developing youths’ naturalistic intelligence will enable them to better understand how the natural world and humans are connected and foster a positive relationship that continues to grow with them. By having a strong connection to nature, our youth can make choices that both respect nature and improve life for people.


In addition, our youth can gain the heap of benefits of developing their natural intelligence like reducing stress, encouraging exercise, and creating life-long healthy hobbies (e.g. hiking, gardening).


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