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This program has closed. See open programs


The Growing Glaciers (Grades 4-7) summer camp program comprises a daily 2-hour online education focused lesson component in the morning and in-nature Vancouver experience based field trip in the afternoon.  Our Growing Glaciers summer camp develops intermediate knowledge and comprehension of nature and teaches respectful interactions with the environment. This program continues to build on contact, observation, and exploration, as well as by incorporating hobby introduction and classification activities.


Each day covers a different topic: plants, animals, abiotic factors, ecosystems, and sustainability. After learning the basics in the morning lecture, the field trips attempt to build upon this knowledge through hands-on activities. 


Some of these activities include, but are not limited to: interactive identification and classification focused nature walks, hands on planting and dissecting activities to develop deeper understandings of nature, observation and senses based journaling, games and activities focused on learning survival skills such as shelter-building, development of scientific skills through analysis and experimentation of different environmental factors, and learning about personal and global sustainability through case studies and sustainable activities.

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