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Wee-Waves programming teaches basic knowledge and comprehension of the components of nature and encourages respectful relationships with nature through contact, observation, and exploration activities.

Our Wee-Waves summer camps create awareness and spark curiosity of the natural world. The program pairs nature-focused curriculum with adult guided outdoor mini activities. Students will be introduced to topics on plants, animals, abiotic factors, ecosystems and sustainability.


Through guided activities, students will learn how to responsibly and respectfully interact with, observe and explore nature’s components. 

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Program Rundown:

  • Online class lessons introducing five pillar topics: plants, animals, abiotic factors, ecosystems and sustainability 

  • Interactive outdoor mini activities paired with each lesson that encourage observation and exploration 

  • Creative mini projects flexible to the child’s interests and curiosities about the natural world

  • Outdoor adventure field trips to outdoor Metro Vancouver locations (see sample below)

  • Focus on creating curiosity and practicing responsible/respectful ways to connect and interact with nature

Program Material

Day in the life at Wee-Waves Camp

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