Green Leaders

(Grades 8-12)

Our Green Leaders programming is designed to get students independently active and instill a lifelong passion and appreciation for nature. Programs are designed to promote teamwork, personal development, and develop an active role in the defense and enjoyment of nature. Students will build upon advanced topics in plants, animals, abiotic factors, ecosystems and sustainability to develop their own unique perspective and passions for the natural environment. Through our programs, students will learn how to be an active participant in nature activities and further their passion and intelligence for the benefit of the natural world and human society.

Men Volunteering
Green House

Programming Rundown

Online lessons

Introducing five pillar topics in-depth: plants, animals, abiotic factors, ecosystems and sustainability

Discussions and challenges

Paired with each unit to encourage students to apply their knowledge, think creatively and think critically about  environmental issues

Outdoor field trips

Including trips to clean energy sites and Indigenous forests (subject to change)

Final project

Aimed to challenge students to synthesize and evaluate their knowledge, innovate and problem solve and take ownership of current environmental issues

Focus on teamwork, leadership, activism, passion and perseverance

Opportunities to take initiative, self-guide projects and lead teams in environmental activism

Our current Green Leaders programming:


Screenshot 2021-11-12 155901.png

Human and Nature Youth Club is organizing a united youth coalition to hold an online climate change conference in 2022. The goal is to create a strong network of Canadian youth committed to making a change through a nation wide youth-led multi-day event following the YOUNGO LCOY Framework. 



Interested in volunteering for the environment? Human and Nature Youth Club organizes periodic opportunities to get involved in outdoor work - from clean-ups to mentoring younger grades.



HNYC’s first ever Climate Case Competition aims to bring together driven and enthusiastic students to explore the most pressing climate issues. In teams, participants will research their chosen topics, brainstorm potential approaches and present their ideas to a panel of judges!

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